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The Dancing Spree

The dVerse prompt was water, and so I’ve linked to a poem about scattering my family members ashes. She’s on her way on this fine day; whilst the sea advances – expecting dalliances. Her final drive; she’ll soon arrive. Pick a spot, set her free – on her dancing spree. A sudden gust; scattered stardust.…

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Anticipation v’s Reality

My anticipation for future events has dimmed a little over the years. I used to be bursting with enthusiasm for school trips to the beach (a mile away), but now can’t muster that same level of excitement for long-haul holidays. I do still look forward to things though, and believe that part of the fun…

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None of Your Business

When you’ve had enough of people asking about your family planning!   Warning: There may be emotional triggers, related to fertility and loss Well Meaning Questions You don’t have a baby! How can that be? Surely you want one, you’re a woman, you see.   You can give birth and therefore you should. You’ll feel…

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