Category: Poems

The Hopeful Fairy

A sweet Christmas fairy poem about beauty being in the eye of the beholder. We all know that anyway.  Don’t we?   Stuck in a storeroom. Stuck in a box. Stuck with these baubles – and nobody talks.   She wants to be shiny. She wants to be seen. She wants a fine dress –…

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When Superheroes Ruled

When Superheroes Ruled You were drawn to shades of blue Loved the ocean and the sky. Many plans for when you grew – opportunities you would try.   Pink’s now your favourite shade, not as bold as vibrant red. Mums and princesses now played – dreams of making home instead.   Superheroes ruled the roost, battles…

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None of Your Business

When you’ve had enough of people asking about your family planning!   Warning: There may be emotional triggers, related to fertility and loss Well Meaning Questions You don’t have a baby! How can that be? Surely you want one, you’re a woman, you see.   You can give birth and therefore you should. You’ll feel…

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