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Lesa is an average person, living an average life and is moderately happy with her lot. There are peaks of bountiful happiness and pleasure and dips of turmoil and flatness. Lesa doesn’t let life’s set-backs knock her down or think she’s invincible when she achieves greatness. She’s finally realised that nobody is perfect and the purpose of life is to embrace it with all she’s got and to give what she can to others. Oh, and try to have a lot of fun along the way.

Lesa has no idea why she’s writing in the third person; she never does that.

Confusing Messages

Advice for the Young Child Shhh. Not now, just wait. I’m trying to work and I can’t think straight.     Careful! Don’t drop that cup. You’ll spill all the milk – I’ll have to clean up     Stop! Don’t run ahead. You’re too fast for me, walk slower instead.     Gentle! You…

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Back to School Blues

  Sharpening his pencils; ironing his clothes. Wishing it would slow down – how fast the time all goes. Packing up his schoolbag; new shoes up a size. Seeing that he’s growing – mammy wipes her eyes. Every year he’s moving, another step away. Feels his hands in hers now – he’s still a child…

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The School Bag

The School Bag A new school bag He’s forced to own Such a drag Choices thrown Hauling behind A weight on back The daily grind His worries stack World on shoulders Pressure is high He carries boulders So cannot fly A bag of work and evenings in Where failures lurk It’s wearing thin No longer…

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(Un)helpful Advice

    I have friends with children who often come across overly-critical relatives/friends/random folk in shops,  who believe their advice is best.  I’m sure those people mean well, but many friends have felt like failures because they feel they aren’t doing the parenting thing right.  Here is a poem to reflect this scenario:   No bottles love, the…

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The Hopeful Fairy

A sweet Christmas fairy poem about beauty being in the eye of the beholder. We all know that anyway.  Don’t we?   Stuck in a storeroom. Stuck in a box. Stuck with these baubles – and nobody talks.   She wants to be shiny. She wants to be seen. She wants a fine dress –…

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When Superheroes Ruled

When Superheroes Ruled You were drawn to shades of blue Loved the ocean and the sky. Many plans for when you grew – opportunities you would try.   Pink’s now your favourite shade, not as bold as vibrant red. Mums and princesses now played – dreams of making home instead.   Superheroes ruled the roost, battles…

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None of Your Business

When you’ve had enough of people asking about your family planning!   Warning: There may be emotional triggers, related to fertility and loss Well Meaning Questions You don’t have a baby! How can that be? Surely you want one, you’re a woman, you see.   You can give birth and therefore you should. You’ll feel…

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