L is your average type of person, living an average life.  She is moderately happy with her lot. There are peaks of bountiful happiness and pleasure and dips of turmoil and flatness. L doesn’t let life’s set-backs knock her down. In times like those she remembers her mother’s words “this too shall pass” and she waits. L also doesn’t think she’s invincible when she achieves greatness.  She could list here all of her life achievements to date, but then she’d have to balance that out with the disasters to give a clear account. The list would be long, so she won’t bother with that.

L has finally realised that nobody is perfect and the purpose of life is to embrace it with all she’s got and to give what she can when she can. She wants to stick up for the not yets; the has beens; overachievers (she heard it’s hard work); the singles;  married; those who feel they’re stuck in groundhog day and the clock watchers. She wants people to stop comparing themselves to others. To realise that sometimes life is wowsers  or uplifting, like the happy ending of “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  But at other times it’s stressful and sad like an episode of a British Soap Opera (any of them, take your pick). Sometimes (rarely) the work, life, family, friends boxes are all ticked with a gold star but at other times you may be struggling to hold them together. It’s ok. That is life.  You are living the average life. Average is underrated.

L has no idea why she’s writing in the third person; she never does that.