Little Voice


This ‘can do’ attitude is why I love toddlers. Maybe we all need (a little bit of) this!


I wish I could talk more, and tell you how I’m feeling.

If I could explain it, I could lay off on the squealing.


You see I’m not yet 2 and don’t have the all the language;

Sometimes shouting is the best way to get a sandwich!


There are times I’m awake and bored in the night,

I just need a little company and for you to hear my  plight.


When I wake you in this dark ungodly hour,

I hear you tut and say I have a strong will power.


You’re so lucky that you get more time with me.

Doesn’t matter if you sleep in for work

– I know you will agree!


I love toys so much, of that, you are aware.

So why, then, do you try to make me share?


If I want them, I’ll get them –

and there’s nothing you can do.

If I don’t get what I want, we’re through!


You love me more than anyone in the land –

but can I ask you to listen to this demand?


You don’t realise and it’s time for you to see –







Good Enough Parenting Life Poems

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Lesa is an average person, living an average life and is moderately happy with her lot. There are peaks of bountiful happiness and pleasure and dips of turmoil and flatness. Lesa doesn’t let life’s set-backs knock her down or think she’s invincible when she achieves greatness. She’s finally realised that nobody is perfect and the purpose of life is to embrace it with all she’s got and to give what she can to others. Oh, and try to have a lot of fun along the way.

Lesa has no idea why she’s writing in the third person; she never does that.

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